​"Let us help you broaden your horizons, by soaring you into your future "

You can earn your High School Diploma at ease. You don’t have to waste valuable time traveling to time consuming classes, you don’t have to alter your schedule, and most importantly you don’t have to sacrifice valuable family time. You can earn your High School Diploma in as little as 30 days. You can find out the results of your Exam in five business days.

**However, each individual employer and institution are unique and you should check with them prior to completing this program to make sure they will accept it’s motivational and achievement basis.**THIS TYPE OF DIPLOMA IS BEST USED FOR EMPLOYMENT PURPOSES, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT FOR THOSE SEEKING TO BETTER THEIR EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES.​

Private and public institutions, whether it be educational or employment, are unique in the types of accomplishments they accept as credit toward their programs. It is advisable to check first with any potential employer or educational institution to see if they accept non-traditional, motivational, accelerated online programs such as ours.  


Sherman High School gives you the opportunity to meet all of your equivalency Exam requirements online in the comfort of your own home! Sherman offers it’s students the convenience of an Equivalency Exam which allows them the opportunity to research their answers online and not just study from a guide.

The Sherman High School Equilivancy Exam is based on a 4 year high school curriculum and is comprised of five parts, Math (Multiple Choice, Computation, Personal Finance, Fractions, Measurements, General Terms, Geometry, and Algebra), Science (Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology), Social Studies (History, Geography, and Government), Language Arts, and a Writing Essay (250 words).

All Exams require a minimum of 70% to achieve a passing grade. In the event that a student does not not meet the passing requirements, retakes are available. Sherman High School offers the most affordable program fees at $160.00 per Exam and retakes are $15.00 per subject. While Sherman offers the convenience of an online correspondence Equilivancy Exam, we also realize the importance of continuing education, therefore, we require students to be 18 years of age and a minimum of 17 years of age with a parents consent. No exceptions. 

Sherman High School is a Private On line Correspondence School, Headquarted out of Indiana, Sherman High is privately operated and not associated with any boards of Education.